SaaS that helps farmers

Collaborating with ForFarming on their vision of digitalization
in agriculture, we first validated a brand-new product idea
developed for farmers, then designed the web application.

Timeline Jun 2021 - Aug 2021
Our Services
UX Design UI Design Front-end Development Product Development
Cousins Factory ForFarming desktop screens

About the project

ForFarming is transforming the food industry into a more sustainable, safer, and more efficient smart ecosystem by developing and implementing high-tech solutions in agriculture. Our goal was to both understand the problems these product ideas provide solutions for and validate these problems and the solutions for the target audience.

ForFarming and Cousins Factory started working together to design the new SaaS from the ground up, connecting all food producers, distributors, and retailers to transform the food supply chain into a safer, more sustainable, and more efficient smart ecosystem.

Cousins Factory ForFarming desktop screen
Cousins Factory ForFarming desktop screens

Core Technologies

Next.js Next.js
TypeScript TypeScript
ESLint ESLint
Netlify Netlify
Heroku Heroku
Github Actions Github Actions
Cousins Factory ForFarming mobile screens

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